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For every purchase of a Meerkerk Rhododendron State Flower License Plate Meerkerk Gardens will dedicate 20% of the total revenue to fund nonprofit grants to organizations that provide education to the public about native plants, propagating, and groups that encourage ecology friendly practices and projects. 5% will be invested in the Meerkerk Endowment, and 75% of the funds will be used for the overall support of the Meerkerk Gardens for public enjoyment.

A Bit of Rhody History

The Washington State flower is the coast rhododendron (Rhododendron macrophyllum). It was selected as the state flower in 1892 by the women of Washington for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago.

Archibald Menzies scientifically logged this shrub in 1792 when he and George Vancouver landed near present day Port Discovery. Coast rhododendron seeds were sent to England in 1850 by William Lobb. The coast rhododendron is found primarily near the pacific coast, but its range extends to the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.


What is the State Flower Plate Supporting?

Every plate sold allows $28 dollars to go to its sponsoring organization (Meerkerk Gardens).

What vehicles can I put this on?

Specialty plates can be bought for all cars, trucks, trailers and motorcycles.

What if I buy a new vehicle from a car/motorcycle/trailer dealer?

Many dealerships are license sub-agents, so inform the car dealership that you want the State Flower License Plate. 

Can I ask for a State Flower Plate when I renew my registration?

Yes! When you receive your vehicle registration renewal notice, go to your county auditor's office or other vehicle licensing sub-agent. Explain that you want the "State Flower" special license plate. 

Can I buy directly from the Olympia Dept of Licensing Office?

Yes! You can go online HERE Choose the State Flower Plate. You can also mail or take the completed application to the county auditor or your local vehicle license office. 

What happens when I sell my vehicle?

The license plate does not transfer to anyone else even when the car, truck, motorcycle, or trailer is sold. You can transfer the plate to any of your other vehicles.

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