Meerkerk Gardens is a small non-profit with limited resources but a strong vision. We harness the strengths of our members, volunteers, employees and our other organizational partnerships in a positive, yet dedicated way. Meerkerk Garden’s approach is one of “can do”, where staff and volunteers are encouraged to be persistent, think outside of the box to confront challenges, and take ownership over the organization’s ongoing projects and mission.


Nursery/Garden Assistant

Summary Job Description 


POSITION:                                               Nursery /Garden Assistant

EMPLOYMENT STATUS                           Regular Part Time  

SALARY:                                                   Hourly rate $18.00

BENEFITS:                                                64 hours PTO (after probation period)

WORK SCHEDULE:                                   Regularly work 24 hours per week (must be willing to work some weekends)

HIRED BY:                                                  Executive Director

SUPERVISED BY:                                      Executive Director

STATUS:                                                    At Will Employment



Responsible for all aspects of operation and maintenance of the nursery; provide outreach and assist with garden maintenance.

2.0         SUPERVISION

·         Required to work collaboratively with other staff and volunteers.

·         Works at an equal level with the Assistant Gardener.

·         Reports to the Garden Manager/Executive Director

·         Reports to both the Executive Director and MRG Board of Directors at their request.           


3.1         Work in collaboration with the Garden Manager, and Executive Director to ensure that all horticulture needs of the nursery and garden are met.

3.2         Work closely with the Executive Director to develop an annual budget for nursery operations as well as any development projects related to the nursery operations.

3.3         Develop and implement a nursery inventory schedule to maximize annual net sales.

3.4         Determine supplies to be purchased and services required to carry out his/her duties in collaboration with the Executive Director.

3.5         Create and manage a budgets for all of the tasks needing attention throughout the entire year in collaboration with the Executive Director that pertain to and support Nursery Operations.


3.6         Work closely with the Executive Director for all grant requests that support the Nursery/Garden operations.

3.7         Plan, promote and implement sales events to optimize sales.

3.8         Maintain efficient customer records.

3.9         Respond effectively to customer queries.

3.10      Develop good vendor relationships.

3.11      Maintain and develop records of existing inventory of plants. Develop and install signage for the plants within the nursery.

3.12      Manage the water resources of the nursery to insure the needs of the plants are being met.

3.13      Be familiar with the best available horticultural and IPM practices.

3.14      Propagate plants for sale and manage the sales aspect of the nursery business including the propagation houses.

3.15      Develop and maintain schedules for all of the various nursery maintenance functions.

3.16      Maintain the nursery through weeding, transplanting, pruning, digging and spraying.

3.17      Recruit and train volunteers to work in the nursery in a safe manner.

3.18      Provide support for fundraising activities, special events, and educational activities.

3.19      Provide support for publicity campaigns and advertising.

3.20      Maintain and enforce organizational policies, regulations, and procedures.

3.21      Take all prudent actions to protect the property of Meerkerk Gardens.

3.22      Perform other duties as required.



4.1         Familiar with retail nursery operations.

4.2         Experience with Point of Sales Systems and retail sales.

4.3         Familiarity with tools, instruments, equipment, and techniques commonly used in the performance of related tasks.

4.4         Familiarity with current trends and programs involved with nursery management.

4.5          Must be familiar with computers and computer software useful for managing plant inventories. Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, and social media is required.

4.6          Master Gardener or similar certification preferred

4.7         Maintains a high standard for accuracy, completeness, and efficiency in the preparation of reports. Operates in a professional manner.

4.8         Ability to quickly grasp new techniques, deal with rapid changes in events, remain calm in stressful situations, relate to various personality styles in a calm, professional manner.

4.9         Effectively communicates with others for purposes of gathering and relating information.

4.10      Understands the need for maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information.

4.11      Willing to learn new skills

4.12      Independent and self-motivated to complete required deadlines while simultaneously completing other tasks.

4.13      Operates in a professional manner and dresses appropriately for an employee representing Meerkerk Gardens.

4.14      Must be able to lift 30 pounds.

4.15      Enjoys working with people.

4.16      Performs other duties as required.


5.1         High School or equivelant

5.2         Prior nursery operations experience is preferred.

5.3         Horticultural training is preferred.

5.4         Prior experience in similar program desired or demonstrated experience in working in public gardens is desirable

5.5         Ability to successfully complete various required training classes and obtain certificates necessary for functional skills performance, maintenance, and improvement.

5.6         No criminal record.

5.7         Valid Washington State Drivers License required and own vehicle required.


Application and resume should be submitted no later than April 27, 2018